LIFE 2019 Parkside vids


LIFE 2022 Details

The details we know (so far):

  • Dates: July 5-9
  • Location- Orlando (FL) World Marriott Center
  • Cost- ~$1200/student (flexible)


Q:  When do we register?

A: We will begin taking registration in late Spring 2021.  More importantly, we need to have all registrations by Dec 31, 2021.

Q: $1200 is a lot of money!  Do we need to pay that all up front?

A: We will have a schedule of when amounts are due for a student's account for the trip.  a $250 deposit will be required with registration.  We will also be doing a number of fundraisers to help offset the cost for families.  

Q: What does the $1200 include?

A: The estimated cost includes conference registration, lodging at the conference center, meals, and transportation. It does NOT include student spending money. 

Q: How will you be getting there?

A: We will be flying- either out of Syracuse or Albany.  Last time we shopped prices, and flew out of Albany.  Due to airline fees variability, we won't be purchasing tickets until about 12-16 weeks before leaving.  

Q: You're going to be in Orlando.  Any chance the group might go do Disney or Universal?

A: That is a distinct possibility- however, that will increase the cost of the trip.  That is a conversation that we WILL have with the families involved sometime in the Fall. 

Q: It's a national conference- so just how big is it?

A: LIFE 2019 had about 5400 students, and almost 1000 adult volunteers/youth workers. 


Check back in Spring 2021 for registration form