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July 18, 2010
Duration: 40:00
When a person becomes a disciple of Christ they need to grow in the Christian life. All believers in Christ go through a life-long journey of getting to know Jesus in a more profound way and become more like Him. This is the issue that Paul is addressing in today's passage with the philippians.
July 11, 2010
Duration: 40:24
After showing the Philippians the right attitudes to employ to have unity, Paul shows them how Jesus modeled these attitudes and thus provides them with His example to follow. This is a rich doctrinal passage that gives us many insights into the Lord Jesus Christ!
July 04, 2010
Duration: 35:36
The Philippians were divided and fractured in their church. They had vices that were frustrating the unity of the body and preventing them from being effective in reaching their city for Christ. Paul show them their defective attitudes, then shows them attitudes that foster unity so that believers can march together and fulfill the Great Commission.
June 27, 2010
Duration: 44:18
Paul encourages the Philippians to live in a way that is worthy of Christ. He goes on to explain what that life looks like. Paul encouraged the Philippians to have unity in the spirit, contend as one man for the faith, have unity in opposition, and unity in suffering for Christ. We can learn much about the requirements God has for us and gain a greater appreciation for our fellow Christians that are suffering and being persecuted in other places in the world.
June 20, 2010
Duration: 43:15
Paul didn’t know if he would be executed or released from prison. He gives us a glimpse into his heart about how he views his life before God. When people are faced with the certainty of death they become very much aware of God and begin to put things in their proper perspective. Paul shows us what the proper perspective should be for every Christian about serving God.
June 13, 2010
Duration: 42:45
In his trying circumstances Paul saw the bigger picture of what God was doing and didn’t fall into a state of negativity and despair. He rejoiced in the Lord during the adversity that came into his life, because he saw that the gospel was still moving forward through his dire circumstances. This is a great lesson for us to learn to see how God is still working in the midst of unfavorable circumstances in our lives, and still have joy!
June 06, 2010
Duration: 39:58
People can be a blessing from God that can bring us joy. Paul expresses his joy in knowing the Philippians, and reveals his deep feelings for them. He offers a prayer that they would grow in love so that they can be fruitful in their relationships.