Open for 2024!!

As of March 16, all 6 baskets are in place and tees are ready for play in 2024!  


  • Hole # 1

    Starts behind the church.  Tee is right behind the middle a/c unit behind the building, goes straight back into the trees.  Sits just between, and behind, two small sets of bushes. 

  • Hole # 2

    From hole 1, continue toward through the trees to find the tee just beside the service road.  Hole is just to the right of the tee, along the tree line.  

  • Hole # 3

    From hole 2, continue ahead along the tree line toward the large tree standing alone.  Tee off for # 3 back toward the church- the basket is in behind a few sets of bushes.  

  • Hole # 4

    From hole 3, turn around and head into the middle of the field to find the tee for #4.  .  The hole is straight across the field and the small parking lot right of way- easily visible.  

  • Hole # 5

    Go back to the corner of the large parking lot for the tee of hole 5.  The hole is just on the other side of the line of evergreen trees. 

  • Hole # 6

    From hole 5, looking at the church, the tee for 6 is just to the left- between 2 trees.  Throw toward the parking lot, the hole is right at edge of the grass.