Growing in Groups

Spiritual growth happens when we are connected with our community of faith.  And that connection comes best when we are involved in groups of some kind. We desire people to go deeper than just the friendly Sunday morning times to grow together!

Adult Connection Classes- Sunday Morning


    • Teacher: Bruce Pultz
    • Location: Room H
    • Time: Sunday 9:30 am 

    You can make a positive impact into people's lives by cooperating with God to bring joy and transformation.

Women's Ministries

  • mOPS

    MOPS is on break for the summer of 2022.  We are working on a leadership team and MOPS structure for next year- beginning again in September 2022!

    The Watertown chapter of MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) and MomsNext is hosted by Parkside Bible Church. MOPS is available to both expectant mothers and women with children not yet in school. MomsNext is aimed at moms with children in kindergarten through 12th grade. We are glad to host this constantly growing ministry! If you are interested in connecting with, ministering to or serving the children of these young mothers, this may be the place for you!

    Our MOPS Ministry meets bi-weekly in small groups in people's homes during the school year.  The groups gather for a large fun activities 3-4 times throughout the school year.  

  • Women's connect

    Women's Connect meetings are a monthly gather of Parkside for a time to connect with other ladies.  We often share food together, prepare a craft, and talk about Christian life topics together.

    Upcoming Meetings: 

    Date: May 23

    Time: 4:30-5:30- potluck dinner (bring a dish to pass)

    5:30-7:30- devotional and craft

    Location: Fellowship Hall

    Topic: A Moment to Breath; Find Rest in the Mess

    Life is messy…..  So much to do, so little time.  Hurt words, unkind actions, daily stress.  Join us to take a moment to breathe and celebrate the power of women.  Discover ways to meditate on God’s word, pray through the hard times, and turn our struggles over to him.  We’ll be creating a canvas painting to remind us to take time to breathe and relax every day!  All women and female teens are invited to join us!

Men's Ministries

  • Saturday Men's group

    Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at 7 am, we meet at the church for a time of prayer, Bible reading, and discussion.  Coffee always available! Try to make as many as you can. We are done by 8:20 am so you can be home for your family. Contact Pastor Mike for details to join or if you would like to get a text reminder. 

  • Men's discipleship

    Men's discipleship takes place in the fall and spring.  Men must sign up and commit to the full 10-12 weeks of the discipleship group.  This group meets weekly on Monday nights at 7:15 PM.  It includes a teaching session, a group discussion, and a time of accountability with another member of the group. Because of the accountability and group discussions, each session builds on the last, consistency is important. 

Life Groups

Contact the church office for details or contact info to get connected in these groups.

  • Young Married Group

    • Day: Friday Nights
    • Location: Gonzales' house
    • Meal: Yes
    • Childcare: TBD

    Young Married Group (YMG) is for any couple age 18-35.  YMG is focussed primarily on investing in marriages of young couples to be able to grow together, and eventually raise a family together. 

  • Gertonson LIFE Group

    • Day: Sunday
    • Time: 5-7pm
    • Location: Parkside- fellowship hall
    • Childcare provided

    This group meets at Parkside weekly.  It's open to any who wish to join us- and does share a meal together as part of the fellowship. Currently, the study is discussions on interacting with the present culture.  

  • DAytimers

    • Day: Wednesday
    • Time: 11 am
    • Location: Parkside Bible Church - Sanctuary
    • Began: Wednesday, September 15
    • Childcare: No

    This group ministers to those adults who are free during this time of the day -- it is mostly retired people, but there are several non-retirees that attend. They are always open to new people.  The first hour is a Bible study or devotional led by one of the Pastors, followed by a covered dish lunch (at this time, due to COVID-19, there will be NO COVERED DISH LUNCH).  No materials required.  Masks are required when entering the building and at all times unless you are seated. 

  • Pastor Mike's life group

    • Day: Wednesday
    • Time: 6 - 7:35 PM
    • Location: Parkside Bible Church - Youth Room
    • Begins: Wednesday, February 2, 2022
    • Childcare: YES

    THIS STUDY IN ON BREAK as AWANA ministry is on break.  

    Using Bible study, and videos by Colson Center at the website … we will learn how to navigate difficult discussions with a passion to love people as Jesus would and to help them in finding the truth. We will begin with the five A’s of discussing hard topics. We will study the way Jesus and Paul spoke truth in love. Here are some of the topics. What would you say if people said or asked you…

    Does life begin at conception; I don’t like abortion, but should it be legal; When does life begin; Should a baby be aborted if…; Is an embryo a person; Does a preborn child have a right to their mother’s body; Does rape justify an abortion; Is abortion health care; Is assisted suicide compassionate. Is sex assigned at birth; You can’t be gay if gender is invisible; Is being gay genetic; How do transgender activists view sex and gender; Is transgenderism logical; Jesus never condemned homosexuality; Does sex reassignment surgery make people happy; There’s no evidence that God exists; Is atheism more rational than belief in God; Do you have to choose between science and religion; The science is settled; I don’t have a religion; A good God wouldn’t allow the coronavirus; Do the crusades prove that Christianity is a violent religion.