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May 20th Update specifics

The Parkside Bible Church Church Council has made the following changes regarding our COVID-19 protocols:

  • Masks are no longer required by anyone fully vaccinated.  We ask all others to continue to wear masks when moving around inside the building or singing.
  • Sanctuary seating now has socially-distanced seating (far left & far right sections) and non-socially distanced seating (middle two sections). Feel free to seat yourself as you desire.
  • Flow of traffic & “enter/exit only” doors are gone.
  • Bibles will once again be available at the back of the sanctuary.

The following has NOT changed regarding our COVID-19 protocols:

  • The Sunday morning worship services will continue to be livestreamed on Facebook Live and YouTube.  (This option is most likely a permanent one, at least for the near future.  The online services are helpful to deployed soldiers, recently moved Parksiders, and those homebound.)
  • Service times remain the same: 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.
  • Online Registration for Sunday service is still needed.  This greatly helps our children’s ministries.
  • Café is still closed at this time.
  • Due to being a “school setting,” all children (ages 4 – grade 8) attending Sunday School will continue to wear masks.  Class size limits are also still I place.
  • Communion elements, bulletins, bottles of water, and offering plates will still be available in the lobby area.

What the elders need from you and all Parksiders:

  1. Give praise to God for the receding pandemic & continue praying for it to continue to diminish!
  2. Continue your wonderful attitudes about the pandemic situation!  We know that restrictions and changes are not fun and annoying, but Parksiders have weathered it all with joy for over a year!  Keep it up!
  3. Do not judge those who wear masks or practice social distance as fearful, paranoid, or misinformed!  There are still many reasons to continue these practices:
  • Some wear masks as faithful obedience to God in following Romans 13:1 -2.
  • As a show of solidarity, some will wear masks until EVERYONE can remove them.
  • A number of Parksiders are dealing with cancer and/or treatments.  They would probably wear the masks regardless of the current pandemic.
  • Social distance may be preferred due to introversion, PTSD, social anxieties, medical disabilities, need space for their children, etc.

If you have any questions, contact the church office or one of the pastors.  Be blessed!

Parkside Pastors and Elders